RSG shops24 is a growing local search engine in India that provides local search related services to users across India through multiple platforms such as websites, mobile websites, apps (Android, ios, Windows). And through different filters RSG shops24 provides better services to its users.

Now no business will be small, we will make your business bigger, Become a shopper on RSG Shops24 today

Because you can showcase your Shops to local customers .Our Aim to reach 10 crore customers in India and More than 2 lakh Shops, big and small, Become a shopper on RSG Shops24 today. Start your journey with us and expand your business reach.

  • Increased Customers
  • Search Optimization
  • Increased Revenue
  • Free Website

Why Register with us?

Notification Services

We provide you customer information services so that you can directly contact the customer and best deal with the customer.

Provide Local Business

Online visibility is good. It means more customers, more business and more profits. We provide you local business according to the location of the customer, we have a large amount of customers connected to us.

Ease to Use and Secure

You Just need to create account, fill basic details to start selling on RSG Shops24 .Our goal is to reach our services to 100 million customers, do not lie down and join us and give your business a new height.

Control panel

We provide a control panel to every vendor so that the vendor manage all the real time settings and provide 1 free webiste with all control and these services are free of cost cast.

How Become a Shopper on RSG Shops24?

Step-1 Create Account

You simply Enter Basic Details and Verify Mobile Number it will takes minimum 5 minute to set your account.

Step-2 Fill Profile

The shop profile details only have to fill the address details like pin code, state, city to help customers reach your shops.

Step-3 Add Catelog

In the catalog you just have to fill the things that are available in your shop so that whenever the customer searches for something, then your listing is visible to the customer first.

Step-4 Set Your Discount

In discount details, you just have to give your discount so that you can target a lot of customers.Note- (The discount given by you will apply to the total amount.).

Step-5 Add Payment Method

Add More Payment Method for Targeting More Customer It helps to customer.

Step-6 Google Map Loaction

Google map location will help the user to reach your shop. So that you can target the more customer.